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Who pays?

Some people say that people with insurance should covers themselves well cause people still drive without insurance. On your policy there is a special part that covers if you are hit by a person that doesn't have insurance. Believe me when I say that on this part you do pay. I have friends that their insurance actually went up cause they were hit by uninsuranced drivers.

In the long run they do pay cause they are given a ticket to appear before a judge to hear the case. They are ordered to pay for the other person's car as well as pay their insurance company back for whatever was spent. Also, the day of court believe me when I say they better have proof of insurance or that will be another ticket.

My nephew was hit by an uninsuranced driver who was running from the police cause they caught him doing doughnuts in a parking lot. Stupidely, he ran from the police and head out of the town thinking he could lose them in the country.

Well, Mr. Doughnut headed out of the town on a highway and instead of turning off into the first road that leads into the country he continued on the highway. Getting close to another town he hit his first car of that day putting that car into the ditch. Did he stop then? NO!

To make a long story short he hit three cars and ended in the ditch himself. Well, when the police questioned him they found out it wasn't even his truck and the owner said he stole the truck. The owner didn't even have insurance on the truck and my nephew's insurance ended up paying.

Well, when his insurance went after him they found out he had skipped town and is now living in California. Nice right?

No, cause my nephew insurance went up by $50.00 and the case is tied up in court cause the owner is saying she isn't paying cause he stole her truck. The police are not going to bring him back for this case cause it's not an important enough.