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What Happens When You File Too Many Claims With An Insurance Company

What happens will depend mainly on your insurance company. They may or may not decide to cancel your policy. Another thing the insurance company can do is; raise your premiums, or decide not to renew your coverage, for the following year. The insurance company has to look at a number of things before they make any decision. It has to be determined whether or not the claims are legitimate. Another thing they will look at is your driving record. They will need to see how many points are already accumulated on your driving record. They have to weigh in a lot of factors before they make a final decision. The insurance company uses an in house scoring system that ;also, involves your credit score. if your credit score is low you will undoubtedly receive an increase in premium payments. Some accidents can not be helped, and are probably not your fault, but unfortunately, that does not matter. The insurance company do not like paying too many claims on the same policy. Chances are too many accidents whether you are at fault, or not, can have an adverse effect on the way the insurance company respond. Your premiums could go up almost double. Not only that but it is recorded on your driving record. This will not look good for you when you are seeking for a quote or looking to replace your insurance coverage. You could help yourself by purchasing a lower deductible, or by taking an defensive driving class. Insurance companies usually give customers discounts when they take driving improvement courses. You can also get discounts for having safety features on your vehicle. Anti lock brakes, and air bags and a few other safety devices in place would also be helpful. Try not to file so many small claims; most drivers, do not report accidents under $500.00. If your insurance company decides to drop you. you can always purchase insurance with another company. If you have these safety features in place you could probably break even on premiums, or you may end up paying less than paid on your previous insurance policy.