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What Are the Cheapest Cars to Insure?

There are many things that effect the insurance amount that you are going to pay for a car. Among these things are your age, zip code, driving record, gender, annual mileage, and even your credit score! The biggest thing that effects how much your insurance is going to cost though, is the car that you drive. The cheapest car, does not necessarily mean the cheapest insurance. There are a lot of things that insurance companies look at about a car before determining whether it will be more cost effective to insure or not.

The three main things that an insurance company looks at when deciding how much insurance for the particular car is going to be is the theft rate of the vehicle, the safety rating on the vehicle, and how often that particular vehicle has been reported to be in accidents. Generally, insurance is higher for sports cars than anything else because they are known to have a high accident and theft rate. Family cars usually have a cheaper rate because they are not driven carelessly and are stolen less frequently.

The number one cheapest car to insure on the market right now is the 2009 Mercury Grand Marquis. It has a five star side and frontal safety rating making it one of the safest cars on the market. It also has an extremely low theft rate and and accident rate.

Next in line after the Grand Marquis is the 2009 Buick LaCrosse. This car has a five star frontal safety rating. The theft rate and accident rate are also low on this one. It is believed that the insurance on this particular car is cheaper because it is a choice of older drivers who do not do a lot of driving and also drive safer than many other drivers on the road.

With a five star frontal and side safety rating, the Toyota Avalon comes in third on the cheapest cars to insure list. It is also another favorite of more mature drivers making the accident and theft rate low on it as well. This car has remained on the top cars to insure list for quite a while.

If you are shopping for a car and need cheaper insurance, keep these three cars in mind. If they are not quite what you are looking for, then remember to ask about the cars safety rating, theft rate, and accident rate. Dealers should be able to give you this information. You can also call many insurance companies 24 hours a day and get an insurance quote over the phone to see if it is a price that you can handle.