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What Are Commercial Auto Insurance Policies?

When you are seeking commercial auto insurance, you are providing yourself a security of financial risk when owning a commercial vehicle which is used for the purpose of business. Commercial auto insurance will give you bodily injury insurance as well as liability insurance coverage when the vehicle is being used. The vehicles that are most generally going to be qualified as being listed under the commercial auto insurance listing are going to be trucks or cars as well as being buses and vans which are used for business means. 

There are some restrictions that are going to be listed on whether or not you are eligible for commercial auto insurance coverage. The commercial auto insurance is going to be provided as long as the vehicle is being used for personal travelers and is not listed as being a part of a cargo company as well as auto dealers and an auto service company. If your vehicle is listed as being one of these, you will have to obtain a different form of auto insurance coverage.

The primary and personal coverage of your commercial car insurance policy is going to provide coverage of legal responsibility as well as the cost of protection that is associated with the vehicle. The cost of bodily injury that is covered under the policy will depend on the limits that were chosen when you signed up for the commercial car insurance policy.

Depending on what you are going to be doing with your vehicle will depend on the form of the commercial auto insurance coverage that you are going to need. The different levels of the commercial car insurance coverage should be discussed with the agent prior to establishing the commercial auto insurance. If you are going to be the only one driving the vehicle, then you will not need as much coverage as you are going to need if there are numerous individuals driving the same vehicle. You will always want to inform the agent of who is going to be driving the vehicle. This will help them to determine who has permission and who has the right to drive the vehicle and be covered when there is an accident that takes place.

When the agent has all the information needed to write the policy out, you will then be given the paperwork to sign and will then receive your proof of insurance. The proof of insurance should always be kept handy when it comes to the vehicle and when you are driving. It is always best to keep the small insurance cards in your wallet which has the information needed if there ever comes a time when your vehicle is stolen or you may want to keep the proof of insurance coverage in your vehicles glove box. This will be needed any time that you are pulled over by a police officer or when you are involved in an accident.