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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, or IIHS, is a not for profit organization that conducts research and communicates with the insurance industry on many pertinent issues. Its primary mission is to reduce highway accidents, conduct testing on vehicles and communicate these finding to the car insurance industry, which provides funding for its work. The research provides pertinent data on the amount of loss sustained for different vehicles when they are in an accident. This is not limited only to damage to the vehicle, but also includes: medical payments, personal injuries, collision and liability issues.

The data collection is primarily done through the Highway Loss Data Institute, which is part of the IIHS. Crash test ratings are given for varying vehicles and the effectiveness of each one's specific safety features. The organization also communicates potential problems and concerns with different vehicles and technology being used. In addition,it also looks at the effectiveness of child booster and car seats. Drivers are provided with a great amount of information on how to buy a safer vehicle, guide to research a vehicle, and on various other topics.

This organization is essential to the insurance industry, which bases its rates for different vehicles on their research findings. These costs are passed onto the customer, so it is wise to be aware of the safety ratings of a vehicle that you are going to purchase. The better the rating, the less you will probably have to pay. In addition, using this resource to learn about your potential vehicle's safety can help you to prevent an accident. Learning about the highest rated car seats, the cars with the best airbags and other key information can provide extra safety for your family.

Parents can also learn more on educating a teenager driver about safe driving while on the road. The institute provides brochures that help to explain the best ways to teach them about driving and to use common sense. You can also learn about protecting your child in the car using car seats, air bag use and find ratings on various cars by make and model.