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Tips For Filing An Auto Insurance Claim

For most people filing an auto insurance claim can be a very confusing situation. When to file, when not to file are just some questions consumers have about the filing process. You should know some things before you file a claim with your insurance company. These tips could save you some heartaches later down the road along with some cash. Let us get started so you know exactly the best way to proceed with an auto insurance claim.

One of the first things you will need to do is decide if you should file a claim. The rule here is if the damages exceed your deductible by a lot it is a good idea. If it does not then skip filing a claim. The main reason is when you do file a claim no matter if it is your fault or not it goes on your driving record. If you are involved in an accident, try to get pictures of the damaged. Most people have a cell phone with a camera built-in these days. The main reasons you take pictures are it could help process your claim and prove your case as well if need be.

File the claim as soon as possible. No matter whose fault the accident maybe insurance companies will be much quicker to process the claim than if you wait to file. Be prepare to receive a phone call from the other insurance company as well. They will want to ask you questions about the accident if there happens to be a dispute. Most of the time this does not happen, but keep this in mind. Make sure you tell them the same exact story you told your own agent. Be honest as in the end they have ways to find out if you are not truthful.
Always try to help the insurance adjuster out when filing a claim. Many times, it will speed up the claim and you will have fewer hassles to deal with. Follow some of these tips we have outlined above and filing a claim will not be as tough as it may first seem.