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Things to Teach Your Teenage Driver About Automobile Insurance Coverage

Things to teach your teenage driver about automobile insurance. Can we ever teach them enough? You teach them everything you know, but you still may feel as if there was something else you could say or do to protect them on the road. So, teach them what you can, remind them of the rules of the road, and pray that they (and those on the road) stay safe.

What to teach your teenager? The rules of the road as mandated by state laws. The responsibility of having current vehicle insurance should the unforeseen happen. The knowledge that not all the other drivers on the road pay attention to how they or anyone else are driving. That is why we have to drive defensively all of the time. This is an excellent example of the saying, "If something can happen, it will".

Everyone should have at least, the very bare minimum, liability insurance coverage. This is what teenagers will probably choose should they shoulder the responsibility of paying for the coverage. If they are fortunate enough to be able to do so, full auto coverage would be the best choice. Why? Generally, with few exceptions, if your car is stolen or destroyed in an accident, the insurance company will cover the replacement cost of the car.

Liability coverage requirements vary by state. Fines for not carrying proof of current insurance vary by state also. Not only is it important that teenagers understand their responsibility for having automobile insurance, but also what is at stake if they don't.

If you are at fault in an auto accident, it is your responsibility to pay for the damages. Not too big of an issue if you have insurance on your car. Big issue if you don't. How will you pay for damages? Damages include bodily damage to the car, physical injury to a passenger(s), missed work without pay, and the list goes on. What happens if you don't have insurance to pay for this? Wages can be garnished; teenagers and their parents can be sued for personal property (car, house and other assets) to recover the cost of the damages.

Knowing the rules of the road can help prevent accidents. Having auto insurance can save you money, including the rest of your life.