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The Effects Of Being Pulled Over With No Auto Insurance.

You can hear stories, about the effects of being pulled over with no auto insurance.
But until you experience, the nightmare of getting caught-driving with no insurance;
you will never know, believe me you don't want to know.

According to the: I.R.C. or the, Insurance Research Council. The percentage of uninsured drivers went from; 12.7% in 1999 to a whopping, 14.6% in 2004. That is pretty scary,to think about. If you are in an accident,
and it is the other persons fault and they don't have insurance who pays for it. Yep, you do.

With the growing economic crises, and the cost of just trying to make ends meet, many people
think insurance is a financial waste. Many say insurance is a scam, and at times it does seem that way.
But, believe me; if you are pulled over by a; law enforcement officer, and he asks you for proof of
valid insurance: you will thank your lucky stars you have it.

One of the effects of being pulled over with no auto insurance is: Even if an accident is not your fault,
and you are uninsured; guess who gets charged? Yep you do.
Chances are very good as well, your vehicle will get towed, and impounded.
Police officers when they attend academy, have to take courses on criminology and psychology. This
helps them to know people. They have to know how to profile. This has been proven to be an asset;
and has more than once saved the lives of many men and woman in law enforcement.

What this boils down to is this: That police officer does not personally know you, he is not your friend.
His or her job is to protect society,to keep it safe-from the criminal element. Remember, if you drive
with no insurance; yep, you guessed it:you are a criminal.

That police officer is not there to judge you, but since he does not know you on a personal level; and
all he has to go by is the information in front of him or her-you will be profiled. Believe you me, the
report that they turn in to their superiors will not be that favourable towards you.

So unless, you like the stink of a dirty jail cell-or sitting in front of a judge trying to explain, why
you did not have valid auto insurance. Paying hefty fines, or just the sure humiliation and
inconvenience of not being able to drive or operate a motor vehicle. By all means, feel the effects
of being pulled over with no auto insurance. Thank you and good luck.