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Teens: Buying a Safer car for New Driver

Watching your child pull out of the driveway on their own for the very first time can be a truly frightening experience for any parent. No matter how many hours of driving the teen has practiced or how well they did on the drivers test, there is still a knot in the pit of many parents’ stomachs as they pull away. Educating your child on safe driving is an important part of ensuring their safety. Picking the car that they will be driving is incredibly important as well. Taking the time to research and discuss cars, insurance policies and reliability with your child can help to ease some of the fear that comes along with new drivers.

The choice of vehicle you wish to buy for your child often differs greatly from what your child wants to be driving. When starting a discussion about cars, it is important as a parent to have a list of requirements that you do not waiver from. Take into account what your child wants and let them be a part of the conversation, but also let them know what the car must have. Look at crash safety ratings and safety equipment when researching cars. You want to buy a car that has side airbags, is larger in size and does not have tons of horsepower for kids to be tempted to speed.

Mid size or larger cars is a wise choice for new drivers. These cars offer more protection in the event of a collision. While larger cars are wise choices, SUVs are not. These cars are not meant to handle quick maneuvers, resulting in less time to react. Teenagers are notorious for speeding, which can be extremely dangerous for even the most experience drivers. Keeping the horsepower low in a teenagers car, can help to take away some of the temptation to be a speed demon. Sports cars are often associated with fastness and agility, inexperienced drivers should not be given the opportunity to test them.

New cars are always a smart option for teens, since they have the highest, most up to date safety ratings out. They are on the cutting edge of technology that ensures safety as well. However, if you cannot afford a brand new car, buying one that has all the important safety features will work just as well.