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Nationwide Car Insurance Reviews

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Most insurance companies have there specialty, as well as an exclusive benefit that the other car insurers don't offer, one such site is Nationwide. They're known for the slogan,"Nationwide is on your side", it's catchy and memorable, and for many people out there who are considering changing their car insurer, knowing that your car insurance is on your side is important. They have 100% guarantee that as long as you remain insured with them, and have the same car, you will get your car fixed if in an accident.

If there's one place to get all of your insurance needs taken care of Nationwide is the place to purchase it all, renters, business property & liability, home & condon insurance. It's all available to you either via the website, or if you prefer you can call one of their agents via the phone.

Here you can save with multi purchases, if you combine your home-owners, car, and even life insurance, you will get more discounts. These are all things that you will need, so why not all that the same location.

Did i mention that they have a banking division? I didn't well yet another plus for Nationwide.

Nationwide have also implemented a new program for those who have a good driving record, for each year you remain accident free, you will receive the additional benefit of having up to a $100 deducted from your deductible each and every year you have a safe driving record.

How's this for an incentive and this benefit is for simply having a teen in the family, who is a responsible driver, and who maintains at least a Grade B average, 15% can be saved on your insurance just like that.

If you're married, and have 2 cars in the family, there's 20% to be saved by insuring them both with Nationwide.

Of course we can't see into the future, but if an accident does occur, there's 24/7 customer service to handle any questions you might have, as well as they have roadside assistance available to you at a cost that will work for any budget. Nationwide's policy for roadside assistance is to sign & drive, and payment for service can be made later.

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  1. Car Insurance in Woburn:
    Feb 17, 2016 at 03:16 AM

    Skip Nationwide, go with a local choice like Marchionne Insurance. They have been the car insurance leader in Woburn MA and the nearby communities for decades!

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