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Most & Least Expensive Vehicles to Insure

In today's marketplace of auto insurance you'll have to choose a vehicle that will provide you the opportunity to get the best price qoute to insure the vehicle. Auto manufacturers today are building vehicles offering some standard safety features while others charge for the additional safety features, such as side air bags for rear passengers, double impact side beams and roll over stabilaztion bars in the event of side impact accidents. In the past foreign car manufacturers lead the way in building safer models and offered their products at a cheaper price. Now days, the American manufacturers have caught on and offer many standard safety features as well. Depending on the model you choose these safety features can come as standard equipment or for an additional cost to you the consumer. It appears that the insurance company's today have a higher standard or criteria to insure your vehicle giving you a cheaper rate. Those new criterias you'll have to consider before purchasing your next vehicle are better gas mileage vehicles with all the safety features. Smaller vehicles with great gas mileage and having safety features that meet IIHS regulations will provide you the best opportunity to get a cheaper rate and lower your premiums. A note to remember, just because you may purcahse a more expensive vehicle it doesn't mean you'll get a better price qoute. The insurance companys today consider many factors before setting a price to insure any vehicle. What you as the consumer must realize and take into account are the cost factors meaning, cost to repair a vehicle that's been in an accident. The cheaper to repair the more likelyhood you'll get better and lower coverage rates. Another thing to consider is the resale value of the vehicle, cars with a higher resale value and better gas mileage in addition to the safety features will get you the best price qoutes to insure the vehicle. It's not what you pay for the vehicle, it's what it'll cost you to own, operate and insure it over the long haul. Smart consumers today are looking at all factors before purchasing and considering all cost involved. Owning a big vehicle doesn't mean you are better protected in the event of an accident so choose wisely. Higher gas mileage, additional safetyy features and a better resale value will give you the best chance to get cheaper insurance.