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Is the Car or Driver Insured?

Finding out key questions can save you money. Is the car insured or the driver? This is important to clarify before an accident!

One example is if a friend borrows your car to run to the store. Down the street another car runs a stop light and hits him. If the car is covered then you have insurance - if it depends on the driver that may change! Another example is in the case of rental cars. If you - the driver - are covered by your insurance then often this can be used to cover rental cars. Don't assume! Ask! The time to find out is before something goes wrong.

Additionally there are other situations that could come into play. If the person borrowing your car has an outstanding ticket you're unaware of does that change your coverage? The worst case is there's an accident that is not the driver's fault but the insurance doesn't pay. This may be due to a technicality or clause but the end result is *you* don't have a car!

Ask questions of your insurance company. If the driver is under 25 does that affect coverage? This may be a one time use of the car or once per week. Know your coverage.

Other situations that the vehicle vs. driver question may come into question are many. If a veterinary assistant drops a dog off on the way home and the dog is injured in a car accident is that considered using the vehicle for business? How much is the vehicle used for work as compared to personal use is another factor to discuss with your agent.

Still other questions are raised if the vehicle is owned by a business. Be a large or small business, this often puts the vehicle on another level from an insurance standpoint. Who is entitled to drive the vehicle? Be sure to address employees, owners and under what circumstances coverage is valid.

Communication is important. "Is the car insured or the driver" is the first question to address with a company. It can save you money and hassles!