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How To Stand Up and Settle Your Insurance Claim

Stand up and settle your insurance claim. Why let the attorneys and all the other Para legals get most of your insurance settlement when you can settle it yourself. There are a few rules to go by but this task of settling your insurance claim yourself is possible and will put a lot more cash in your pocket instead of an attorneys. Below are some simple rules to remember and conduct your self with when dealing with the insurance company.

  • Always be clear of what your objective is with the conversation you are having with the insurance claims agent. This includes you being concise and accurate with all answers and questions.
  • Never miss meetings or any scheduled appointments agreed to between you and your claims agent. Missing these appointments can send the message that all is not in order and that you can be taken advantage of.
  • Become educated through resources at your local library and do your homework on your particular states laws and how they effect your claim.
  • Before signing any agreements between an insurance claims agent know the content and the legal ramifications that can come from it. If you need to take the document to an attorney for a once over look than do it before signing the settlement agreement.
  • Never engage yourself in conversation with the insurance agent that seems that it would damage your case. Ask for a recess or get back to the agent after becoming clearer on the subject at hand.

Settling your Insurance Claim is not that hard of a job if you are willing to be patient and research the problems you encounter along the way. There are lots of resources to use online and with a little looking a person can become very proficient at conducting there case management with the insurance claims adjuster. Another point to always remember is to never trust that what is offered as a settlement is what you will receive in the end. Ask questions in regards to taxes, future medical expenses, damage and ongoing assistance. If after all the questions have been answered than begin negotiating with the Insurance agent.

Most agents if asked will allow the customer to casually ask how much they would be willing to offer for a out of court settlement. Keep in mind the insurance claims agent will begin usually with a low ball figure. If however you have done your research and gathered together your facts you should be able to present an informed counter offer. The insurance claims agent will attempt to meet you somewhere in the middle of the two figures. The final word of acceptance will be yours.