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How to Get Cheap Auto Insurance Coverage

Getting into a car accident so not pleasant, but sometimes the insurance company may make the situation worse when they appear to be uncooperative and they drag their feet, or evaluate the claim of different how you see it. If you are having problems, solving your claim, here are some tips to help you.

Have documentation to support your case

Send the insurance company whatever documentation you have, along with a letter explaining why you are not happy with the satisfied and you must send figures to back up your claim. You must include your address, claim number, names of other parties involved in the accident, phone numbers, and other important information.

Notify Your Agent

If are not satisfied with your offer, notify your insurance agent. If your agent cannot resolve the matter, you should talk to a manager in the insurance claim department or the customer complaint department.
Have an independent arbitrator mediate your insurance claim
An independent arbitrator can determine if the settlement you were offered is fair. You can contact an arbitrator at American Arbitration Association at

Contact an attorney

If you cannot settle your insurance claim, consult an attorney who specializes in auto insurance claims. If you have an injury claim, make sure that your attorney is experienced in handling these types of claims. Your State bar association offers a free legal referral service. They will provide the names of qualified candidates. Attorneys work either on an hourly or on a contingency basis. Have the attorney give you their fee structure in writing. You should insist on copies of all correspondence from your attorney so that you can stay current on the claim. Your attorney needs your agreement before committing to a claim.

The above tips should help you settle your insurance claim. However, if your only complaint is that the insurance company is not offering enough money, you may not be valuing your claim correctly. Talk with an attorney on assessing the value of your claim, even if you plan to continue with the claim on your own. Some attorneys are willing to assist you by simply give advice.