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How to Deal with Insurance Adjusters

How to deal with insurance adjusters can be a little scary to say the least. If you’re like most people, this will probably happen a few times in your life. It can be an experience that can be painful or painless depending if you know the fundamentals of dealing with the assigned insurance adjuster handling your claim. First things first let’s not assume that the adjuster is your personal friend and that he or she has your best interest at heart, this is just not true. Remember who keeps the bread and butter on the insurance adjusters table it’s the company he or she is employed by.

Now that we have those elementary fundamentals out of the way we can begin understanding how we are to deal with the Insurance Adjuster.

The Insurance Adjuster wants to settle the claim for the smallest amount possible while providing you the customer with satisfaction and value so that you will continue to patronize their company. The best way to deal with the insurance adjuster is to be honest and direct with the acting agent, but keep documentation to everything that you discussed, or give to the agent. If the agent is a professional they will understand the need for this to be the case.

Provide all receipts and documentation in a timely manner when asked by the adjuster. Make all appointments and meetings when asked. This will result in the case being settled in a faster and more equitable time frame. Never speak unprofessional to the acting agent and never discussed non important facts about your claim. Always keep the discussion in a tone of professionalism. Your agent goes through this same scene dozens of times a week and is a seasoned veteran to the “does and don’ts” of the craft of being an insurance agent the last thing they want is a hassle or long drawn out story about non related facts.

When discussing your claim keep outside distractions like pets and children to a very low minimum also realize that the agent is making notes and drawing conclusions as to what kind of a person they are dealing with. This is an elementary skill most agents use. They look at the surroundings where you live, how you dress, and what you drive to decide if they can find validity in what you’re saying and telling them. It all goes back to the old saying “first impressions are the best impressions” Keep your insurance adjuster viewing you in a respectable and professional manner.