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Heres What To I Check For When My Vehicle Is Broken Into?

What do I check for when my vehicle is broken into this question at some time usually affects us sometime in our life? The fact that we could even have something frustrating like this happen to us is absolutely aggravating. But the facts remain that most people will experience their automobile broken into in their lifetime. Knowing “what do I check for when my vehicle is broken into?” can be just what the doctor orders when it comes to your insurance company picking up the tab and fixing the damage.

On the average a motor vehicle is a target that most thief’s find irresistible and for good reason. If you’re like most people you don’t realize the value of the contents that a thief can realize from breaking into your auto. Let’s look at a typical value of contents that would be had from robbing the typical auto.

  • Cell Phone (value $200.00)
  • Car Stereo (value $300-$1500)
  • Laptop (value $400-$2000)

Total value that a thief might gain from looting your car is $900.00-$3700.00 not a bad day’s wages for 20 minutes of work.

So with that information “What do I check for when my vehicle is broken into?” the following things are needed and most are required by many insurance companies.

  • Call the police to the crime scene without touching your car. Document who and what time you are talking to the authority’s dispatched to the scene. Within 24 hours a written copy of the police report should be filed and submitted to your insurance company. Keep a proof of the submittal.
  • Within 24 hours the insurance company that you have coverage with should be notified. Keep documentation of who and what time you spoke to them.
  • Make a list after the authority’s say that you can touch your vehicle of the things that have been stolen or damaged. Include all damages such as windows, ignition breakage and dash damage be very detail orientated in this list.
  • Gather together all receipts and serial numbers for the authority’s and the replacement value of the items looted. Submit them to the proper authorities such as insurance and police.
  • Obtain three reputable estimates of the cost to repair and replace the damage and items stolen and broken. You may need to get separate estimates for damage to the car and replacement value of the contents stolen. Submit these to proper authorities. Keep record of contacts and times.

Another few things that should be helpful are to check and take names of any witnesses that may have seen the break-in happen. Also take mental notes as to if there are any cameras or monitoring devices that might assist in capture and return of your valuables.