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Here Are Four Tips To Help You Get a Better Claim Settlement

Here are four tips to help you get a better claim settlement from your insurance claims representative. If you follow the tips and use the resources suggested your claim should be relatively easy to understand and negotiate like a pro. Again following these simple directions can spell success or failure so pay attention to details. Below are those four fabulous tips.


  • Appear professional at all meetings with the insurance claims adjuster. This in essence means the following. Always dress more upper scale, never meet in a dirty or unorganized place that has distractions for you and the insurance agent. Never allow children or pets to be a distraction. If at all possible these elements should not be present when speaking with your insurance agent. Remember a book is often judged by its color and an insurance agent does sum up his opinion of if he is dealing with someone he can effectively manipulate into a small settlemen,t or if he will have to present a respectable settlement offer.
  • Document all meeting with a pen and paper take good notes and make references to things that you don’t understand at the meeting so that latter you can seek assistance through local sources like help groups, library and legal clinics if necessary. These notes taken well can allow you to be a formidable person to deal with when dealing with the insurance adjuster. Again this also represents professionalism. A recording device would be a better way to take notes but they are generally not allowed at the meeting due to legality.
  • Before agreeing to a settlement allows this to be presented in a written format that outlines all the details and agreements made between you and that insurance agent. Look over the agreement and make sure that all questions and statements are what you understand to be the case. If you have any doubts about the content of the written settlement don’t sign it until you have those questions answered by a reputable source. 
  • Your sources can a Para Legal, Attorney or a notable person who has experience with this type of written jargon.
  • Always make sure that in any settlement that you have taken into account all the bills and cost that have been incurred from this perspective settlement. Remember if your settlement has any medical expenses sometimes they don’t bill until months later and if you agree to a settlement those bills may not manifest themselves by the time you agree to a settlement amount. A rule of thumb would be to go to the medical facility that you patronized and ask billing for a complete bill on all costs associated with your claim.