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Function of an Insurance Adjuster

The responsibility of an insurance adjuster is to reconcile claims. They have the responsibility of figuring out whether or not a claim should be paid. In order for an insurance adjuster to do this, there must be a contract review, determination of value and losses, and investigation of all facts.

There is a lot involved when claims are being processed. Reports are needed which include estimates and appraisals. Interviews will take place concerning the claim, and will involve the claimant and policyholder. All information will then be compared against the insurance policy.

There are many types of insurance adjusters. There are auto, medical, property, bodily injury, and more. Auto adjusters only handle claims that have to do with vehicles. These adjusters are taught driving rules as well as the parts that make up a vehicle. Auto adjusters need to be quick on their feet when deciding who is at fault during a claim.

When someone has damage to his or her home, this is where a property adjuster comes in. They must be able to understand the makeup of a home. This allows them to help place value to the different parts and areas. The majority of claims that are handled by property adjusters include water, fire, and wind damage.

There are insurance adjusters that are dedicated to reconciling medical claims. They understand the human body, medical bills, and various medical reports. An injury needs to be able to compare to whatever accident took place to cause physical damage.

Some medical adjusters are devoted to bodily injury claims. They have knowledge of how injuries affect the body. Claims adjusters in this situation must be able to figure out an injury's value and present it to a jury. Most claims for this type of insurance adjuster deal with back and neck injuries.

Although many people are intimidated initially when approached by insurance adjusters, they do benefit our society in a great way. Many times people see them as the enemy. This is not true. Insurance adjusters can be looked at as medics coming to the scene of an accident. They can help people who have lost almost everything regain what they deserve.