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Effects of DUI on Car Insurance Prices

A conviction for driving under the influence is something that will effect your life in multiple negative ways. Not only is it a costly offense to take care of in the court system, it is also creates a financial burden for you in the future. Car insurance rates are sure to go up once you have been convicted for this offense. Getting a DUI puts you on the fast track to being placed in the “high-risk driver” category.

While there are ways for keeping a DUI conviction off of your official motor vehicle records, they usually are time consuming and even more expensive. When applying for any new auto insurance, companies do a simple check of your motor vehicle record and past driving records. These checks are also run whenever your existing policy is up for renewal. DUI’s are typically more of a threat at ending an existing policy than normal tickets for speeding or other moving violations.

The best way to keep your out of pocket expense low after receiving a DUI conviction is to shop around once your policy is up for renewal. Prices for car insurance vary greatly, and it is very possible that you may find a much better deal with another company. Shopping around and finding another carrier also helps to prevent your insurance carrier from dropping you. This is also damaging to your past driving report. Having a DUI and having been dropped by an insurance company are two big obstacles to overcome when looking for car insurance.
There are ways to work with the court system to keep your DUI conviction off of your driving records. Not all states allow this, but it is worth looking into. It is possible to have your rates raised as much as 400% if the conviction is reported to your insurance carrier.

One of the best ways to keep this from happening is to find a insurance company that is in your state and is familiar with the laws in that area. Getting a DUI is one of the most expensive criminal convictions that you can have, taking measures to prevent it effecting you for years to come is important.