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Dropping Your Auto Insurance: How To Do So In Two Easy Steps

There are multiple commercials around talking about how much you can save by switching auto insurance. Let's say that you've made that call and found a cheaper auto insurance out there. Now you're wondering how to drop auto insurance without a problem.

Dropping auto insurance is actually a fairly simple process. Auto insurance may not be canceled over night but it is a fairly smooth process that is easy to handle if the auto insurance holder knows the proper steps to follow.

The first step to dropping ones auto insurance is to make sure that the insurance company that is the current insurance provider is contacted. This is just making a phone call to either the local branch of insurance or to the nationwide number that is provided. Make sure when making this phone call that the customer service rep adds a note to the insurance file of the date that the phone call is taking place.

After the phone call it is a good idea to type up a letter to the insurance company. The letter does not have to be lengthy or wordy but simple put that the insurance holder would like to cancel the auto insurance effective by a certain date. When the letter is finished send it to the insurance company via certified mail. By sending the letter certified mail this gives the insurance holder the proof that the letter was actually received by the insurance company. This can come in very handy if there is a depute about when the insurance was canceled.

Sometimes with auto insurance companies the insurance policy is paid for ahead of time. If one were to cancel after the policy was paid for the auto insurance company might owe the policy holder some money. By many state laws the insurance company has to refund the money back to the holder for any days that were paid for but not covered. It is best to know ones state laws about this or ask the insurance company about this policy.

Dropping auto insurance is something that can be handled without many problems. It is best to check with the auto insurance to make sure that the holder is following all the proper steps to canceling the insurance policy. These few steps will give an auto insurance holder a good idea of what steps to begin to cancel the policy.