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College-Bound: Ensuring Proper Insurance

Sending your child off to school can be a tense and stressful time. With worries about safety, campus life and schooling, a parents mind is racing. Often times, many parents and students forget the importance of getting the right insurance policy. Rather your child is going to an out of state university or staying close to home, there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration.
The main reason that insurance policy needs to be relooked at is the fact that the driving risks your child now face are much different than when the car was kept locked up safe at night.

If your student will be attending a university in another part of the country, it is necessary that you change the location that your car and driver are located in according to the policy. Not doing so can cause a claim to not be valid. Depending on where your child and car will now be residing, your policy premium will more than likely change. If your child will be attending school in a metropolitan area or an area with a higher crime rate, your premium will more than likely go up. Choosing a college with a low crime rate and smaller population can make the premium head south.
Everyone knows that auto insurance coverage for younger drivers can be expensive. Finding an insurance company that provides discounts to college students with good grades is one way to lower your cost. Many insurance companies also offer incentives for a young driver taking a defensive driving course. Checking with your carrier for these types of options can help to keep your premiums low.
Many times, college students do not even need their vehicle. Leaving the car at home for use on breaks or just as an extra means of transportation can drastically cut your policy if you et the provider know.

While student drivers are often seen as a risk to many insurance companies, it does not mean that there are no ways to lower the cost. Calling your insurance provider and discussing any options they may suggest can help parents save a few bucks each month.