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Car insurance and no-fault benefits

All car insurance has no-fault benefits in the state of Michigan. However in states such as California these are add ons to the insurance. In the state of Michigan no-fault insurance is not extra. The no-fault clause is included as standard practice. In the state of Michigan you add things like not insured and under-insured drivers. You add things like medical and get to choose what kind of liabilities to have. In the state of Michigan you can be involved in a 3 car accident and neither of the other 2 had insurance and the driver of the vehicle that rearended you is the one who is totally at fault. Then the driver who rearended you pushed you into the vehcile in front of you. So now you are sandwhiched between 2 vehicles both without adequate insurance. You do not have to wory about your own insurance company to deny your claim. You were not at fault but you have to make a claim against your own insurance policy in order to get your vehicle fixed. This will of course cause your insurance to increase-you still made a claim. However, you will not have to pay the $500 deductable since you were not at fault. The insurance company will then file a law suit against the driver of the vehicle who rearended you. The insurance company will want to recover the losse of having to repair your vehicle. This is legal in the state of Michigan. The insurance company can sue a person who is cited for fault in an automobile accident if he or she does not have insurance. The no-fault benefit allows you to get your vehicle repaired if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver. The driver who is at fault is supposed to use his or her insurance poliicy to repair boh vehicles. This is the benefit of being in a no-fault state. You get to save on your vehicle insurance if you are not cited for fault in the accident. This is because the driver who is found at fault is supposed to make the claim. This will mean that you do not have to make a claim on your own policy. If your insurance company does not have to pay for a claim then your rates remain the same.