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Auto Accidents: What To Do When Its Not Your Fault

Being involved in an auto accident can be a scary thing whether it is a little fender bender crash, or a tragic and dangerous crash. People are in shock after an accident occurs and become very nervous whether it is their fault or not. They may not know what to do after an accident happens, but by planning and knowing ahead of time what you will do in a situation like this will help you cope if you should become involved in an accident.

Whether an accident is your fault or not, you will have to follow some basic steps. If you have been involved in a major accident, the first thing you will want to notice is if anyone has been hurt. If you, the other driver, or a passenger in any other vehicle needs medical attention, this should be attended to right away and medical help should be called immediately. A persons life should always be the number one concern to everyone involved.

Call the police right away after the accident so that you can file a car accident report with them. Do not discuss the accident with the other vehicles involved as tempers may flare when everyone involved is accusing others of being the cause of the accident. You know that the accident was not your fault, but you will not have to point that fact out to the other driver. You will also want the police there as soon as possible since you will not be thinking straight after the accident and may be in shock. When the police arrive, you can tell them exactly what happened but never admit fault. Do not let anyone convince you that it was your fault when you know that it was not.

Get information from all of the vehicles involved. Ge the other drivers names, addresses, and telephone numbers. Record the makes and models of the other vehicles, their insurance company information, and their vehicle identification number. The more information that you can get the better, but the mentioned information is a must. Do not ever try to handle the accident without your insurance company. In other words, do not ever let another driver talk you into handling the situation amongst yourselves. Even if they admit guilt of the accident and tell you that they would rather not have insurance companies involved for fear of future insurance rates going up, don't go for it. Even if the person seems like the nicest person in the world, don't make this mistake. There have been many cases where this has happened, then a few days later the innocent driver who was not at fault is informed that the other driver is suing them. Suddenly that other driver does not believe that the accident was their fault anymore and reported the accident to their insurance company. This kind of situation will leave you in a bad situation so do not fall for something like this no matter what!

You will then want to contact your insurance company right away and let them know what happened. Give them all the details of the accident and let them know that the accident was not your fault. If you can call them while the police are present it may be even better as the police may be able to give them information that you can not.