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"The Auto Insurance Institute found all the states particularly high rates of fatalities for a specific behavior, included large rural areas where thinly distributed law enforcement can't adequately enforce safe-driving laws."
"You also may want to consider where you’re driving before dropping collision insurance. Some areas aren’t as safe as they might seem, according to Auto Insurance Center. "

With constant accidents and delays on the Beltway and some of the rudest drivers in the country it’s hard to believe, but a new report has named D.C. the second best state for driving.

AutoInsurace Center says it used 20 years of fatal crash data from the National Highway Traffic Administration to rate the best and worst states for driving."

"Some cars, though, are much more likely to be bragged about then others. According to a study from the Auto Insurance Center, BMW is the brand that gets the most Instagram posts. Other popular brands include Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche."
The Auto Insurance Center report concluded: "It doesn't take extreme conditions or intentional recklessness behind the wheel for tragedy to strike. Scary as it sounds, the factors to blame for the worst outcomes on the road are pretty common."
"BMW cars are the most posted rides on Instagram among US residents. This is according to a recently concluded study by Auto Insurance Center, an American firm specializing in, well, car insurance"
"In an effort to find the safest and most deadly states in America, the insurance company AutoInsurance Center looked at 20 years of crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They calculated how many fatal accidents occurred in every state, and then divided those totals by the population of each state. "
"Some have been memorable and others have been forgettable, but apparently nobody keeps track of Bond's wheels like the Auto Insurance Center does. They made an oddly riveting video highlighting the evolution of his rides to remind us that he's been no more loyal to his cars than to his women."

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