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Amica Insurance has been covering drivers since 1907, when it was founded by businessman A. T. Vigneron. Since the debut of Amica Auto Insurance, the company has continued to grow and prosper every year, turning Amica into America's largest insurance company! Being the nation's largest insurance company brings on challenges of its own, including maintaining good customer service, having flexibility with coverage, fast accurate claims service, and several billing options to meet every customer’s unique situation.

While being the largest insurer in the country, Amica has made customer satisfaction it's number one priority. Thus, there are no "middle man" agents. When contacting Amica Auto Insurance, you will speak directly to an Amica representative. This allows for personal attention and avoiding the wait for a response to questions or changes when an agent is involved. This has allowed Amica to maintain top quality customer service.

There are several options to choose from when purchasing auto insurance from Amica. These options range from liability coverage, a minimum in most states, to full coverage, including coverage for yourself and your passengers. Amica Auto Insurance also offers bonus coverage such as roadside assistance, bail bondsman coverage, and no deductible for lock replacement or air bag deployment. These options allow Amica to offer the perfect insurance policy to every customer.

When the unfortunate happens, Amica Insurance is there for you. Amica offers fast response, paying claims within 24 hours of receiving the proof of loss. They also offer two options when reporting a claim including by phone, or online.

In today’s society, customers need a variety of payment options. Amica offers this by allowing payments to be made online, by phone, mail, automatic withdraw from a checking or savings account, or through FiServ. FiServ, allows you to make payments in cash at local banks or financial institutions across the United States. This flexibility allows customers to use several different options, based on their personal circumstances.

Customer satisfaction, flexible coverage options, fast easy claims, and a variety of payment options are many of the reasons Amica Auto Insurance is always a great choice for automobile coverage.

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  1. Car Insurance Arlington MA:
    Feb 17, 2016 at 03:04 AM

    Amica is great, very reliable large insurance provider. I do want to mention that if you're searching for a smaller car insurance agency I would definitely recommend someone like Marchionne Insurance, who provides exceptional car insurance services in Arlington, Massachusetts and the surrounding areas.

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