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Allstate Car Insurance Reviews

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Allstate is an experienced insurance company with a long history of providing solid, dependable auto insurance to its customers. The company started selling insurance for vehicle in 1931, and grew to one of the largest insurers in the nation over the next few decades. Currently, it is listed on the Fortune 500 list and has a solid reputation for customer service, handling of claims and dependability.

The offer a variety of auto coverage to their clients. They have full and liability coverage, depending on the customer's needs and type of vehicle. Customers can get medical payments coverage, which helps to pay for any medical bills that are incurred due to an accident. The company also offers collision, uninsured motorist and comprehensive coverage. The comprehensive option allows you to be protected in a variety of situations. These can range from storm damage, hail damage or vandalism. Personal injury protection makes sure that you can pay bills and other expenses after an accident. This varies according to the state you live in and how much coverage you have bought.

The company's website allows customers to easily access documents, change coverage options and get a quote by filling in the required information. Payments can also be made through the site as well. The company's quick handling of claims and excellent customer service make it one of the industry's best. Customers can file claims online, through a local agent or over the phone. This full access to help gives the customer peace of mind when an accident or other unfortunate incident occurs.

Savings are also a part of Allstate coverage, especially in the form of discounts to the driver. You can get a rate discount for being a safe driver, being accident free, and for insuring more than one piece of personal property with Allstate. In addition, the company doesn't penalize you in case you are in an accident, keeping your rates at a level that you can afford. This insurer also has decades of experience in auto insurance under their belt, making them a good company to depend on when the time comes.

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Comments (3)

  1. Jess Fisher:
    Feb 17, 2016 at 02:21 AM

    Not sure if I can recommend them.

  2. Car Insurance for Somerville MA:
    Feb 17, 2016 at 02:24 AM

    I suppose it depends on your local area. If you're in the Somerville area (Greater Boston) I would definitely recommend a smaller local company, such as Marchionne Insurance. These companies can simply provide you with personal attention while the big companies cannot.

  3. Rachelle Giusti:
    Nov 23, 2017 at 12:59 AM

    ALLSTATE should not even be allowed to be a useable company anymore. TERRIBLE! They are all clueless, and you call ten times to get one thing done when each person you talk to says "it's all taken care of" just to find out they DID NOTHING! I HATE this company with a deep passion it is ridiculous how they run. Started with them and my prices kept going up, then they always had some stupid policy rate saver they had me signed up for (which they told me nothing about just told me my price) and then it'd go up three months later and they said "well you had this discount on there and never signed up for the app or online" well the fact that I didnt know I had this discount on there and I had to follow up to keep it how could I?! and then oh well its too late its gone, up 30plus dollars a month. Then after a separation, they took 4 months to get my car and his car separated in policies, I got double charged for my car and his, and then they let him call in change my address and email and ADD himself to my policy! CRAZY! Then I got into a car accident, two cars hit me they were at fault and it took claims a week, A WEEK, to get in contact with me and I had a MINOR IN THE CAR! They dont care at all, I called my agent 6 times to tell him I couldn't get ahold of anyone in claims department and he never returned my call EVER. WHAT THE HELL AM I PAYING YOU FOR?! So my accident was 9/2/17 today it is November 22,2017 and I just got my estimate over their stupid app QUICKPHOTOS and it said not over my deductible so I have to pay it all! IM THE ONE WHO GOT HIT WHEN DOES THE PERSON WHO GOT HIT HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING! AND TWO MONTHS LATER?! Both front and back bumper are popped off and my Driver side door wont open I have to call through and they give no area to write comments on their app for their estimate so they have no idea that the bumper clips are broken and the door wont open and my CLAIMS IDIOT DIDNT EVEN NOTE IT. MARISSA ABRAHA SUCKS ASS. She takes forever to call back, knows nothing, and can't get shit done. Allstate agent TJ GREEN sucks ass too. Thanks for never ever calling me back. I can't wait till my car is fixed so I can kick this sorry excuse for a company to the curb. Must have "qualifications: incompetent, lazy, shitty attitude" on their applications because thats how they are! Spare it, if it seems cheaper upfront it wont be, they wont be there for you and your price will go up monthly with NO EXPLANATIONS. Stay clear of this shit.

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