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Cheap Auto Insurance in Tracy Gunn, Hendersonville, NC

Tracy Gunn

Average Rating : 1.0000
  • By Sawdust On 15th Apr 2008

    The short excerpt below is part of one day in the diary of a 47 day claim experience with Mr. Gunn.r
    Friday December 20 ? I reported my problem to Tracy Gunn a month ago today, and I have not seen or heard from him since.r
    I dialed up Tracy Gunn. After I gave him an outline of the above which was all news to him, as he said: ?I haven?t heard about this from anyone? I calmly but unequivocally unloaded on him for his contentment at being uninvolved and uninformed regarding my situation here at Christmas. This conversation lasted longer than it should have because Mr. Gunn kept insisting on listening, defensively, with his mouth.r
    Finally I got him to agree to remain quiet for a few minutes to be sure he understood my situation, and then I would listen to him. He maintained that the company should just let members with claims find their own vendors. Having restricted his own agency activities to premium collection, he thought the entire company would be more profitable if it stopped getting involved in its policy holder?s problems. r
    Really a coolly cogent analysis that is difficult to dispute; demonstrating that if one carries self-absorption and self-involvement far enough, the world looks pretty easy to manage. r
    Late in the afternoon Mr. Gunn called; his voice and tone revealing an obvious wrapping up of business as he heads off to whatever holiday he has planned. He grandly asked; ?Well Bill, is everything resolved?? I?m afraid I lit into him at about the 25% level, telling what my holiday was going to be like with my house torn up now for 35 days (with at least 10 more guaranteed) after I reported my problem to him, with my family now unable to gather for Christmas at my place, and that while phone calls and meetings may constitute resolution to him, it most certainly does not to a premium payer trying to cut their his way through a system that includes an agent content to be uninformed and uninvolved.r
    Unfortunately, Tracy Gunn did call today.r

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