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21st Century Car Insurance Reviews

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21st Century is an insurance company that was started in 1957 and located in Wilmington, Delaware, and is currently headed up by its president, Anthony J. DeSantis. In 2009, the company was bought up by Farmers insurance along with AIG Direct business and Agency Auto business as part of a package that amounted to about $1.9 billion.

Unfortunately, 21st Century track record is less than most companies with its numerous consumer and employee complaints. Glassdoor, the largest employee-company review site, shows their employees give them a 1 star rating on average, while consumer review websites do not fare much better, mainly due to poor business practices such as cancelling policies without acknowledgement from the consumer.

Additionally, the Better Business Bureau shows 353 complaints in the last 3 years alone! When we contacted them while researching a particular issue, we were constantly blocked by agents that not only refused to be helpful, but often seemed get upset and intentionally block our attempts. While it is true that 4/5 of the population are unsatisfied with their job, we hope that this satisfaction is not being translated to their customers.

Oh, did I forget to mention that they screwed my family over royally, and never attempted to repair the mistakes they made, and taking payment for a policy that they had cancelled, all without notice to me? It's unbelievable we live in the modern world for a company that is so prehistoric in their processes.

To contact the corporate offices directly, including their "special services," department which is basically their department for getting things done when no other dept can (e.g. customers that feel wronged by them) you can contact them here, although mail may be easier to get through than phone (unless someone can give us a direct line).

Address: 3 Beaver Valley Road, Wilmington, DE, 19803-1115, United States Phone: 302-252-2000

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